Member Workshops

While we are a student-led initiative consisting of members with beginner-intermediate experience, we are committed in ensuring that the projects we produce are of the highest quality possible.
To equip our members better, we are hosting workshops that tackle some of the most important fundamental aspects in Software Development.

Software Design and Requirements Gathering + Agile Software Development

March 7, 2020 @ Benevity HQ

In this workshop, members will get a feel on how to gather the business problems brought on by a project and translate that into a problem better understood from a software developer standpoint. We will also be covering how to approach an agile software development workflow to improve efficiency and collaboration.

Hosted By

Priyash Bista & Sheldon Fuchs

Jan 29 2020: Code the Change Club Info Night

Join us on January 29th to find out more about what we want to do at Code the Change and learn about the different kinds of projects available.

Nov 9 2019: Code The Change Calgary Kickoff + Hackathon

Join us as we launch the first ever city-wide chapter of Code The Change in Calgary. We want to celebrate this day by hosting a kickoff party and mini hackathon. The central theme of this event will be Climate Action. It's going to be a jam-packed, collaborative learning experience with a chance to work with industry experts and local non-profits.

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