The YW Calgary

E-learning Storefront Project

  • Creation and design of a storefront website with e-commerce integrated
  • Build APIs to interface with companies' different E-Learning platforms
  • Work with secure registration and authentication technologies

The YW has asked for our help in developing a storefront/marketing website with e-commerce integration to host informational e-learning videos on the topic of Mindful Workplaces. These videos will help employees across Calgary manage stress, conflict, and pick up on emotional regulation skills, which all lead towards healthier work environments. You will expand your web development and e-commerce skills, while helping develop a product that will reduce stress and improve the work life of hundreds of Calgarians.
  • Karim Bounekhla
  • Parsa Honarmand
  • Eugene Lok
  • Laura Timm
    Team Lead
  • Muhammad Qasim


Mindfuel System Redesign

  • Build an activity board that contains new aggregated data everyday
  • Start from scratch or build on top of current system
  • Work with skilled developers from the Mindfuel team

Mindfuel makes learning fun for young students by providing learning modules including videos, comics and games for students to interact with in the classroom ( They have an activity board (running a web socket with Google Maps API) that displays where in the world their learning module products are being used - each time a resource is accessed, it triggers the activity board. This activity board is important for internal users to assess demographics and usage of products, and to showcase to stakeholders. It’s also displayed on office monitors. However, it is also very old and outdated—it needs a total rebuild. They would like it to look more visually appealing with a more modern look, all while connecting to a database to grab and present non-sensitive data. Work with the freedom to choose between building on top of Mindfuel's current system, or perform a full system redesign.

  • Vaibhav Jadhav
  • Abid Al Labib
  • Arsalan Fardi
    Team Lead
  • Layla Arab
  • Evan Krul

Alberta Mental Health Advocacy Coalition

Website & Marketing Design

  • Create and design the organization website and logo
  • Expand their online presence to reach more individuals
  • Good project for members who are at the beginning of their programming journey

The Alberta Mental Health Advocacy Coalition has asked Code The Change YYC to help build them a website. They are looking to expand their online presence so that they can reach more people and help advocate for the importance of mental health awareness in Alberta. This will be the easiest of the projects and will be a good project for members who are at the beginning of their programming journey.

  • Kameshwara Sekar
  • Haseeb Khan
  • Zain Sheikh
  • Andrea Benavides
    Team Lead
  • Nitish Pradhan

The YW

Natural Language Processing

  • Use machine learning to classify critical incident reports
  • Great opportunity for those interested in Machine Learning to test their skills
  • Work with industry mentors with machine learning expertise

The YW receives critical incident reports from people at risk describing the risks they are facing, along with various details regarding personal information and the incident itself. These reports can often be difficult to categorize, as the current format requires that volunteers at the YW read through each report to determine the type of report and who should manage it. They have asked for our help in developing a machine learning solution to analyze and correctly categorize the reports based on the type of incident. The technologies used will be discussed with the YW further, but you will be sure to hone your Python, ML, and data analysis skills by working on this project, while also helping vulnerable people receive the help they need at a more efficient rate.

  • Calum Sieppert
  • Mahdi Varposhti
  • Boyang Dong
  • Dhyey Lalseta
    Team Lead
  • Jofred Cayabyab